Wednesday, 27 August 2014

This was going to be an announcement

So today I had planned to post about my big upcoming costume project that I would enter into the cosplay contest at Stockholm ComicCon. Unfortunately Stockholm ComicCon released the info about the cosplay contest today, and it's going to be on the first day of the con, a Thursday. Not only that it's on a Thursday, it starts with rehearsals in the morning. For me that would mean that I would have to take two whole days off work and go down to Stockholm on Wednesday. Since this is also the week of the autumn break in schools I have one of my busiest work weeks of the season, so there's simply not a chance that I can take both Thursday and Friday off for a cosplay contest. I'm quite disappointed right now since I was really looking forward to this and be able to enter something. It's a bit ironic that when I finally earn the money to make high quality costumes, well then the contest is on a day when most people are at work, unless you are still in school.

Anyway I can now announce that my big project for the autumn, and a project that's big enough to push back my start on the gold handmaiden is going to be Elsa's coronation gown from Frost.

Not only that I'm going to recreate the gown, in a nod to its bunad inspiration I have decided to try and incorporate quite a lot of elements from that tradition, for example I'm going to embroider the motifs on the skirt and bodice rather than painting them on. I have come far enough that I've cut out the outer fabric for the skirt and my goal is to have the skirt ready for embroidery in the weekend.

Now since I'm not going to enter the contest I might skip on the sceptre and orb and just do the fabric parts of the costume, and the tiara. I don't like working with hard materials, but for a contest I felt that they were essential, if I'm just going to walk around in the costume then that's another thing.

I guess I just have to let it go when it comes to my disappointment in not being able to take part in the contest.

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