Sunday, 1 March 2015

Nordic World Ski Championships 2015, Falun

So this post is not going to be about costuming or sewing, but rather explain why I've been gone for the last few weeks. Falun, my hometown, hosted the Nordic World Ski Championships 2015 during the last two weeks of February. It's one of the larger winter sports event outside of the Olympics and I've been part of the local organizing committee for ski jumping and Nordic combined, a sport where you first do ski jumping and then follow up with a cross country race. I've been working with preparation for this since 2012 and during the championships I was race secretary for Nordic combined.

 This is from inside the competition management room in the ski jumping arena. The chief of competition, TD and assistant TD are preparing the day's jumping. My job is to basically keep track and note down everything that they decide to do.

This is the view when looking outside the window. During the most intense competition phase I don't have much time to actually see any action though.

After the ski jumping there was usually stuff to do to prepare either the next day or the cross country event. Our jury room at the cross country stadium was really nice though so I managed to see quite a lot of the cross country races.
This was on the first Sunday when a totally magic light came over the whole arena. I only had my mobile to take a picture, but it was really beautiful.
 The official mascot is called Bubo and is an eagle owl. Here he was on the wall to the TV-boxes at the cross country arena.

On the last Friday we were quite tired of the lunch buffet that was served, so we went and bought hamburgers instead.

On Saturday we finally managed to take a picture with the whole competition management for Nordic combined, four of us from the local organizing committee and five from the International Ski Federation.
This is the final picture of most of the local organizing committee together with Sarah Lewis, the secretary general of the International Ski Federation.

In the first week there was also a very special occasion when my sister released a book that she'd been co-editor of. It's the first book about the history of women's ski jumping.
Some of us thought it was very funny that during the release there were pictures of women ski jumpers throughout the ages, and five of us who were there for the first national camp and first official women's ski jumping competition made sure to take a photo of us 24 years later. (It's my mother and one of my sisters who organised it, the sister who's the editor didn't have time to be in the photo, and then there's me and Linda who were jumping at the time).

These are the more things I've come home with me. It's my sister's book, a starting bib, a jury bib and a "world champion 2015 bib", the medal that was given to all the athletes, a pin from the organisers of the Olympics 2018 who were with us to study who we worked, a mascot to my mascot collection and a chocolate bar that I got from the Swiss TD assistant.

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