Thursday, 5 March 2015

Swedish railway museum anniversary

On May 23rd the Swedish railway museum is celebration 100 years. They've especially invited people to come dressed in 1900-1910 fashion, and I have decided to go there. Those of you following this blog might realize that's not my regular time period for fashion, so I will have to make some new things to wear.

I do have someplace to start though. I have my 1895 skirt and I have at least two late Victorian corsets to wear under it all. I hope that I can have my silver corset since I would prefer not to use my latest blue brocade corset as underwear. I do need to make some kind of chemise, my 18th century ones are too bulky, and a corset cover, but that shouldn't be too hard.

Then it comes to decide what I should wear with the skirt. I have the TV493 plain bodice pattern from 1896.

I figured that's a good starting to point to whatever I want to make. I'm basically down to two options.

I love this portrait of a woman all dressed in black.

I probably have enough black fabric left from the skirt so that I can make the bodice, but at the same time it feels a bit too grand for a day out, and I think something casual would be more suitable. That leads to the shirtwaist of the late 19th early 20th century.
There are so many different varieties of shirtwaists and it doesn't seem to bee to hard to construct one. I would need to buy fabric for it though. A bonus with a shirtwaist is that it would go well with the HSM challenge for May, since that is more about everyday wear. If have time it would be nice to make a shirtwaist and then use the TV pattern to make a jacket to go over it. I think I have a purple pinstripe fabric in my stash that would probably look good as a jacket. I would only like to find more example of jackets in different colours than the skirt.

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