Thursday, 12 March 2015

some advice for handsewing

So I'm pleating like madly, and getting worried that it takes too much time. Since it's handsewing I'm watching a lot of TV in the evenings. And now it's time for an advice for being able to sit for a long time and do handsewing.

Tailor Karl Gustav Widberg and two apprentices
Do you see the position of the two apprentices? In Swedish this is actually called "tailor's position" (skräddarställning). When I tried to find an English translation all I got was "lotus position" and a lot of pictures of people doing yoga.

Seriously if you have the possibility try to sit with your legs crossed under/in front of you and rest your elbows on your knees. It helps to keep your back in a good position, and the support for the elbows makes it easy to keep the fabric quite close to your eyes while sewing.

Now it's back to pleating.

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