Friday, 17 July 2015

MLP cosplay, Opal is done

All the mane 6 in My Little Pony has a pet. Rarity'a pet is the cat Opal.
And of course I wanted to have her with me. I went to ebay and found a white fluffy toy for quite  cheap.
It's actually a Disneyland exclusive for one of the kittens in Aristocats. Now I love Aristocats so it did hurt a bit to cut off the pink bows. I got the big pink one off in one piece though so I can reuse it.

Then I had some wonderful purple trim that's been in my stash for too long. I did have some turqoise beads but they were too big to fit around the neck, so I went with some clear ones instead.

Then it was just to attach the neckband and make a little bow for the top of the head and sew it on.
So at least Opal is ready, now I just need to finish my costume.

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