Monday, 13 July 2015

What to do for The Force Awakens?

With just a couple of months to go I really need to start thinking about what costume I should make for The Force Awakens. And I need your help with this.

As I see it the choice comes down to Princess Leia or Rey, and here I try to list the pros and cons for their costumes.

Princess Leia

Not much has been shown of Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia, so far this is the best picture I've been able to find of large parts of the costume. The Behind the Scenes clip that was shown at SDCC had a few frames of her head, so it's probably possible to figure out what the hair looks like.

It's Leia, and she is one of my favorite characters
The costume is made for an older women, so more forgiving for my figure as well
It's fairly simple with just a jumpsuit, vest and belt as the main components.

No detailed photos yet, but they might start to emerge closer to the premiere
I have no idea what it looks like below the knees
I would need to style a wig properly
There would be a lot of guess work


A lot of detailed photos out there
It's already been done really well by some fans
I'm closer to her age, even if I'm not a teenager anymore, than Leia
If I do the mask/hooded version I wouldn't have to worry about hair

More expensive materials
I will need to do leather work
I don't have such a nice figure as her
Maybe I won't even like the character

I'm not going to start any of these costumes straight away, but I have to start searching for materials, especially if I'm going for Rey, pretty soon.

So what do you think I should do

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