Monday, 6 July 2015

Visit to the local medieval fair

Medieval fairs are big in Sweden, probably due to the popularity of the Medieval festival in Visby that's been going on for quite a long time by now. Nowadays it seems as if every place with a remotely old house also organises a medieval fair. There are both larger and smaller ones, and the quality and actual medieval-ness of the fairs vary a lot as well. Up here in Dalarna there is the big fair in Leksand in May, which is a really good fair and in fact one reason I haven't been there for many years is  because I want to have something proper medieval to wear when there.

Now this weekend there was a small one in Borlänge, and I decided to go there. Even if I don't have any medieval clothes I still wanted to go in costume. So I decided to go for my old ballgown that was very much a copy of Maria of Habsburg's wedding gown from 1520.  I wore it with my 18th century chemise under, which was still probably the most accurate thing I had on. At the last minute I also pinned a piece of black/gold lace to act as a brusttuch.For the hair I siimply put it in a ponytail and teased it to give it some volume before covering it all with gold hairnet that I have.

I think this an example of  basically not being accurate in any way, but it still gives a pretty good early 16th century look. And I was still more accurate than a lot of people and vendors there.

There was some fun entertainment there as well.
A group of jugglers that did some pretty amazing things, the group is called Mareld.

There was also a group that showed off viking and early medieval battle skills. That really makes you realise how tough and hot it was to fight back then. None of them could do more than a couple of minutes before having to rest.

After the battle demonstration me, my sister and nieces, actually stopped on the best renaissance place in the area, Ornässtugan, and had some food there. It's a wonderful café, I really recommend their Gustav's plate if you want a nice summer lunch. By then I had taken off the gown though so I only wore my linen chemise and a pair of shorts. I love that linen chemise. Really it was 25 degrees warm, and there is nothing more comfortable to wear than a loose linen garment.

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