Tuesday, 29 December 2015

HSM Challenge 12 - Redo: Part two the blueberry cape

Yesterday when I had finished the cap I felt so in the mood, so I decided to make another thing for the challenge.

Back when I did the blueberry muff, for Challenge 2 - blue, I had plans to make a little cape to go with it from the rest of the fabric, a blue cotton velvet, I was unsure if there was enough fabric to make a cape, and also I ran out of time so I didn't. Then I used some of the same blue fabric to make the tricorne for the War and Peace challenge, and then I thought I had really used up too much fabric to be able to make something of the scrap that was left.

Yesterday I took the scrap out of my stash, and after I had cut off all the uneven bits I had a piece of 110 cm x 80 cm. That turned out to be just about right to get a small cape out of it. I checked the Costume Close up cape for inspiration, but it was clear that I couldn't make a hood or that elegant snibs on it. In the end I just cut an elongated semi-circle out of the fabric, giving me just enough fabric on the side left to make a small collar.

I lined it with a piece of gray cotton satin. I had bought it to make a petticoat one day, but I think I can still make a petticoat from it, just without ruffles. In order to close it I had used some silver/gray poly satin ribbon that I had at home.

The cape is handsewn, but more because I have my sewing area packed away over Christmas than wanting to be really accurate. I also don't really have a set time period for it, since this kind of capes were worn both in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The challenges that are redone with this one are: Blue - due to the colour, stash-busting - it all comes from my stash, accessorize - a cape is great add on to any costume in the colder months and sewing secrets.

The sewing secret with this one is that blue and silver/grey are the colours of the student nation that I belonged to at university. Blue stands for the county of Dalarna and silver/grey for the county of Västmanland. If you give the blue colour more prominence than the silver/grey, what is usually called (the blue side up) you show that feel closer to Dalarna. And of course I live in Dalarna and has always worn the blue side up. The student nations have been around since the 17th century, but I'm not sure how old this colour code is, it might even be a modern thing, but it is still a code.

What the item is: An 18th/19th century cape/mantelet

The Challenge: 12 - Re-do

What Challange/s are you re-doing?: Blue, stashbusting, accessorize, sewing secrets

Fabric: 80 cm blue cotton velvet, 80 cm grey cotton satin

Pattern: Inspired by the cape in Costume Close up

Year: 18th/19th century

Notions: regular sewing thread, 1 m poly satin ribbon

How historically accurate is it? It's probably around 40%. The poly satin ribbon drags it down, and even if cotton was around at the time proper velvet and linen would have been more probable fabrics. At least it's handsewn.

Hours to complete: 5

First worn: Not yet, it's was a spur of the moment thing to make it so we'll see when I get the chance to wear it.

Total cost: All from the stash, but the fabric is around $11/meter if I would buy it all new, so around $5.

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