Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Legal and free e-book

I love the University of Århus' policy of publishing a free e-book each month, and this month it's once again time for a book about historical clothes

Link to the free download

This is the official description of the book.

The book tells the exciting story of one of the 20th century's most spectacular archaeological finds: the excavation of the Herjolfsnæs graveyard in 1921 where - because wood has always been extremely scarce in Greenland - bodies had been buried in multiple layers of cast-off clothing instead of coffins.
Just looking at the content it's more than just about the Herjolfsnaes finds, even if those are the focus. It goes through the excavation and the finds themselves, but also finds from other parts of Greenland. After that follows chapters on the different techniques used to craft the garments, from rearing the sheep and goats to the finishing decorations. The book ends with a catalogue of the Herjolfsnaes finds, with new full colour photos of them!

So take your chance and download this book that is really a go to book when it comes to medieval clothing.

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