Monday, 28 December 2015

HSM15 - Challenge 12: Re-do

Last challenge of the year, and with this I've managed to do the full HSM marathon this year. Go me!

For the last challenge I made another 18th century cap, and this time in linen. It actually started when I cut out the lining for the Demelza cap, but managed to cut it from another pattern so I made the main cap too big. I put it aside, but still saved it. Then there were two craft cafés left of the year, and since I needed something small I could make by hand I took the cap with me and worked on it there. Due to a lot of talking going on at the craft cafés it took a bit longer than if I had just been at home to make it.

The pattern I used was from the same Duràn newsletter as the Demelza cap. Since there aren't many directions I first just gathered the main cap to the band and pleated the back of the cap to make it fit the head. This was the result

 I felt that it looked too much like the Demelza cap, I wanted something lighter and more froofy for this cap. I noticed that on some reference pictures the band itself also looked like a flounce, so ran a quick gathering stitch along it, and that made a lot of difference. The cap was too smal though, so I undid the pleats in the back and instead gathered the band. I only made a very smal boxpleat in the back to take in some of the extra width there.

The result was a lot more like I wanted it to be.

I will need to make a bun in the back to keep the cap on, but this is a cap that I've made so that I don't need to make complicated hairstyles, I will be able to hide all the hair under the cap.

I consider this a re-do of these challenges:
Stash-busting - it all came from my stash
Practicality - it's made in order to hide my hair and still be historically correct

What the item is: A late 18th century cap

The Challenge: 12 - Re-do

What Challange/s are you re-doing?: Stashbusting, practicality, accessorize

Fabric: 0,5 m linen

Pattern: Duran textiles newsletter

Year: Late 18th century

Notions: white cotton thread

How historically accurate is it? I would say this is pretty spot on, it's all handsewn. Linen thread would have been even better, but I'd say 90% for this one.

Hours to complete: 4

First worn: Not yet

Total cost: All from the stash, but the fabric is around $11/meter if I would buy it all new, so around $5.

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