Monday, 14 March 2016

I darned some jeans

It's no secret that I only own one pair of trousers, a pair of jeans. (except for sweat pants and training stuff). The bad thing with having just one pair is that I wear them out until the fabric simply rips. This usually happens in the inner thigh. So what do to then when I'm on my way to a meeting, where a skirt/dress would be totally wrong, but I don't feel like sitting a day in training pants.

The rip was on the inside of the thighs, so not really visible, but I didn't want it to get bigger and become visible. Well with 10 minutes to go, so not enough time to make a patch, until I was off I remember that my mother showed me how to darn many, many years ago.

It looks awful but for a quick fix it served its purpose. Go me. I also felt that my pride as a hobby seamstress told me that I needed to be able to fix a hole in the trousers.

Still I guess it's about time to get a new pair of trousers.


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