Tuesday, 3 May 2016

All the best laid plans....

I haven't been updating a lot lately, at least not compare to last year. There is a simple reason for that; I haven't felt very inspired for sewing lately.

There are reasons for the lack of inspiration as well. Last year I felt that the HSM challenges, having to finish one thing every month, really helpt me in keeping up the tempo on my sewing. This year it's felt more like a burden. probably because I haven't been able to match what I wanted to do with the challenges.

The smocked 16th century shift also killed me a bit on details and handsewing, and feeling my own pressure that if the shift is handsewn, then everything needs to be handsewn.

Lastly I have gained weight over the last 6 months, and I don't feel so comfortable in my body. I have gained a size, and I'm not looking forward to putting on my corsets/stays, and I don't have time to make new ones. :(

Still in order to actually do something I have decided to totally scrap my planned list. What projects I do will be the ones that I get sudden inspiration for. I will also try and actually make some clothes that I can wear, without it being costumes or historical clothes.

May is a hectic month, so I still have a lot to do and I'm hoping to finish a pair of bicycle bloomers from 1895 and the undergown for my 16th century project. And the undergown has made me inspired to make a totally different and secret costume...

Something is happening...

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