Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Some Edwardian hair

It was dark and I just have grainy photos of how I did my hair on Sunday, but here it goes.

 I started off with doing quite large pincurls. Previously I've used my curling iron for rolling up the hair, but this time I used my fingers and made the curls almost double the size as usual. I also tried to pin all the curls up fairly high up on the head. I damped the hair by just squirting some water on it before I started with the curls.

The bad thing with the big curls is that I couldn't sleep on them, so I let them out before going to bed. I squeezed some hair clay in them to keep them in shape. This had worked fine earlier in the week.

Now though they got quite a lot flatter when sleeping on them. Still the hair was fluffy so I just gently teased it and added some more hair clay.

Instead of a hair rat I used a weft of loose hair that I have and pined it like a halo on my head. The colour isn't an exact match for my hair, but close enough that it wouldn't be visible if it just peaked out a little bit.

I also added a hair donut to the back of the head. Everything was pinned on with hairpins.

After that it was only a matter of taking the hair and place it over the halo of fake hair and pin it to the donut. I knew that I was going to wear a hat so I didn't worry too much about how it loked up at the bun. I finished off by using my home made pomade.

About the pomade. It definitely held the hair very well, stronger than hairspray. I don't know if it's me or the pomade but it tended to clump some hairstrands together and made them look very greasy, as well as making the fluffiness disappear. It was also a bit lumpy, so I had some small white spots in the hair. I was worried that it was going to be hard to get it out of the hair, but just a regular hairwash with shampoo and conditioner took care of that. I think that I am going to try and remelt the pomade and add some more shea butter to it, maybe it's simply too much beeswax in it. I also think it would work great for 18th century hairstyles, if I add some kind of powder to the hair.

I thought my hair looked ok, but I would like to have a lot more volume at the sides so I need to come up with some way of doing that.

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