Sunday, 22 May 2016

Willrow Hood - the Ice Cream Maker Guy (ICMG)

What would you save if the evil galactic Empire all of a sudden took control over your city? Some rush to save money and valuables, some wants to bring mementos, and then there is the guy that decides to save his ice cream maker.

This is from the scene in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back when people are running away from Cloud City. Quite early on it was identified that one of the persons rushing past the camera is carrying an ice cream maker, and he was nicknamed "The Ice Cream Maker Guy". It was one of the in jokes, and after a petition from fans he was even made into an action figure

Now named Willrow Hood and with a backstory that he was a rebel spy, and that the ice cream maker is actually a computer core with secret rebel data.

Of course such a cult figure also got a cult costuming. At Celebration 2010 I had a friend who got really popular in his Willrow Hood costume, and at Celebration 2012 a whole group of costumers dressed as Willrow Hood and carrying ice cream makers made a ceremonial run through the convention centre. It was called "The Running of the Hoods" and has been a staple of big conventions since then.

The costume at its most basic is an X-wing jumpsuit, code cylinders, compad and boots, an ice cream maker, a black wig and a mustache. Yesterday I made some ice cream, and decided to take some photos of myself as the Ice Cream Maker guy.

Sure it's a modern European ice cream maker, but it's an actual ice cream maker. I'm also wearing my ugly black wig that used to be my 18th Century Snow White, and a huge fake mustache I found at IKEA of all the places.

I have submitted my pics to the Willrow Hood Detachment, so if I'm bringing it to London I'm hoping to be part of the Running of the Hoods at Celebration Europé III.

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