Monday, 20 June 2016

Boots for TFA Leia

The vest didn't get finished this weekend, but instead I can show you the boots that I'm going to use for it.
It turned out it wasn't so easy to find a pair of brown wedge heel boots. In the end I setled for these ones. They do have a zipper up the side, but there was no chance that I could find a pair of boots without a zipper that I could get up my calves.

When I tried the boots on for the first time I was worried, they were so tight. I could just get them up, but it hurt a lot. When I took them off I had marks after the straps. Still that made me hopeful that it was the straps and not the bootshaft itself that was too tight. I cut off the straps, and also a flap that was at top of the boot, that also had the benefit of removing the brand name on the boot since it was a metal thing on the flap.

The boots are still tight, but I have no problem getting the leg of the jumpsuit into them. There are some marks where I removed the straps, but I don't think they are too visible. I'm also thinking about finding some kind of brown paint that will work on the wedge heels to make them blend better with the boot itself.

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