Saturday, 25 June 2016

Happy Midsummer

Today it was Midsummer Eve again, and it was time to bring forth the traditional costume. You might remember that I took it in and gave it a better fit for the HSM15: Heirlooms and heritage challenge last year, and this was my first chance to wear it with the new fit.

It doesn't really show, but I felt a lot better with the new bodice. When I look at the photo of me and my sister I realize that I should really shorten the apron as well to match the new length of the skirt.

I was really happy with my hair. It's a bit hard to make a nice hairdo to wear both with a light summer dress for lunch, and then to fit under the cap when I changed into the traditional costume in the afternoon. It's simply a hair donut that I put quite low and then just swept and pinned the hair over it and finishing off with a flower. I also love how well my newest hair colour matches my cap, and I actually got compliments from random people when we were at the Maypole festivities.
I also need to show off the cake that I had made for today. I really like baking, but decorating isn't my thing, I usually just slap some whipped cream on top and throw some fresh fruit on it. This is the first time I tried to do some serious piping, and it wasn't so hard. It's a sponge cake with one layer of raspberry mousse and one layer of passionfruit curd covered in a white chocolate and cream cheese frosting. It was yummy.

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