Monday, 6 June 2016

DUHMP June 6 2016

Today it's June 6, which is Sweden's National Holiday. Most Swedes don't really care about it, it's nothing like May 17 in Norway or July 4 in the US. In fact it's just 10 years ago since it was turned into an actual holiday so people could get the day off from work. If the weather is nice it's a really good reason to have a picknick though, and for the last years there has been "Den Ultimata Historiska MegaPicknicken" (the ultimate historical mega picknick) or DUHMP in Hagaparken in Stockholm. I've have been working the last June 6, which of course happens when you work at a place that is used for June 6 celebrations, so I haven't been able to attend. This year I was free though, and since a very good friend of mine put forth his dissertation for a PhD on Saturday I was in Uppsala, so it was an easy decision to stay until June 6 and go to Stockholm.

Some weeks ago I planned to inaugurate my 16th century undergown for this event, but I've always wanted to go to the event in 18th century attire, since the weather promised to be really nice (sunny and in the low 20s) I felt that my best summer dress would be the gaulle. The gaulle also has two other advantages; it's easy to pack since it's just cotton voile and I can use my shortest pair of stays with it which is a good thing if you know that most of the event will be spent sitting on the ground.

I talked to Carolina/Lithia Black so that we could meet up at the entrance of the park and find our way to the picknick. When we met up it was quite fun how well we matched, despite having chosen fashions 100 years apart.

I also wasn't the only one who had picked red shoes to wear. I can only say how much I love my American Duchess Kensingtons. I have some very painful calluses on my feet from other shoes, and the Kensingtons were the first pair of shoes in a couple of days were actually comfortable to walk around in. The sole is a bit thin though, so for longer events I should probably put an extra sole inside them.
The great thing with the event is of course the total mix of of eras. It was really nice meeting all these serious reenactors, who had brought period correct kitchenware and food to the picknick. That's why I still consider myself as a costumer first, since I don't go those kinds of events where you live and breathe history, I enjoy just dressing up.

There were some gorgeous 18th century costumes, my hair and hat felt tiny in comparison.

I had expected the event to be dominated by 18th century and the Middle Ages, but outside of the vikings, in their very comfortable loose linen clothes, I felt that the 19th century dominated with everything from Regency to Edwardian.

It's the mix of eras that makes this such a fun event though.

Just before I had to leave to catch the train back to Falun they also started with some Regency dancing.

I had time to take part in two dances, then it was just for me to leave. Unfortunately I missed the main group photo, and if I can take part in this event next year I think I need to come up with a way that would allow med to stay in the evening as well, I definitely had a feeling that the picknick was only starting when I left, despited that I had been there for almost four hours.

All in all it was a great day, now I just need to untangle the messy state my hair is in, after all the curling and teasing, and then it's off to bed.

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