Tuesday, 12 July 2016

A last minute miniature Ice Cream Maker

I'm packing the last things for Celebration, and I even got time to make a last minute prop. As I've mentioned I have a Willrow Hood costume, but there's no way that I could get a proper ice cream maker into my luggage. Since this is a fun costume, I came up with making a miniature version of it.

Willrow wants to run

The ice cream maker basically looks like this, but painted white.

The top part of the lid, that looks like a handle, isn't there though. I decided to look around to see what I had home and if I could make a miniature prop, that will fit in the luggage.

I started off with a plastic can and a travelsize shampoo bottle

I glued the bottle to the middle of the can, and then cut out a piece of worble and put it over the top. There was some slight warping on the bottle from the heat of the worbla, but it worked. I then painted the whole thing with gesso and then with the only whitish paint I had at home. There was no time to sand down the gesso and make it smooth.

Then of course I also needed ice cream.

I took some wadding and poured some blue hobby paint on it.

Then I squeezed and kneaded the wadding to distribute the colour.

I didn't want it to get totally blended, so I stopped at this stage. Doesn't it look like delicions blue milk ice cream?

And here is the final mini ice cream maker!

Now I'm ready for London and Celebration Europe!

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