Thursday, 14 July 2016

Costume plan for Celebration Europe

Tomorrow Celebration Europe starts and here is my costume plan.

Friday will of course be dedicated to the Cosplay Contest, which means the Gold Handaiden costume. I'm not going to walk around in the handmaiden, only wearing it at the pre-judging and the contest itself.

I'm also hoping that I will have time to don my Willrow Hood costume, especially now when I made a mini ice cream maker, inbetween the pre-judging and the contest.

On Saturday I'm going to be on a panel about non-costumed international fandom, so out of costume I'm going to wear the green with Greedo dress.

After the panel it's time to change into TFA Leia. We are a group of people with TFA costumes that are going to meet up and have some fun in the afternoon.

For the evening I'm changing into party Leia.

Finally on Sunday I'm going to wear my main new costume. It's been a really fun project and I'm going to post about it after CE, but here's a sneak peak.

It's a Tudor/Elizabethan princess Leia to pay homage not only to it being a Star Wars Convention, but also the fact that today is a Shakespeare anniversary year. I was aiming for Elizabethan, but it ended up a bit more Tudor than I planned, it's closest historical inspiration is probaby around the 1550s/1560s.

If you are in London and see me, please come and say hi!

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