Sunday, 16 October 2016

Ball report

Yesterday I had finished my jacket and skirt and was of the ball. The ball was at V-Dala nation in Uppsala, where I spent a lot of my time when I studied there. It was held to celebrate the switch to a new inspektor, which is the highest office and since it's only done every fifth yesr it's a big party and usually turns into a reunion for those of us who don't live in Uppsala anymore.

I had plenty of time so I took the time to both put my hair up in pincurls and paint my nails. 

Even if I had time I never got the chance to take nice pics of me and this is the only fullbody pic. The skirt is a simple gored jersey maxi skirt, I made it shirt enough that it will look ok to wear in more every day situations. I didn't wantto be too matchy so I picked a bright blue satin clutch bag. 

This photo shows why I really love to wear emerald greens with my current hair colour. For jewellery I used gold and pearls, you can see a small hairpin in gold in the back.

Some mingle photos show off the top and my hair in better detail. 

The dinner was long, but in the break between the main and dessert some of us took the chance to be a bit artistic in the main staircase.

And finally Petet Wallensteen, world reknown professor in peace and conflict studies, was inaugurated as a new inspektor to make sure that the students at V-Dala behave and don't cause trouble in the town or at the University. 

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