Sunday, 9 October 2016

Things are happening

I haven't updated here in a while, and it's mostly because I haven't finished anything in a while, I have a couple of UFOs that I'm working on though, so here is a little update on them.

1. TFA Leia - I did take approval photos of it two weeks ago, but I wasn't happy with how they turned out. I have also ordered materials to make the ring for it, so now I'm going to wait until I have the ring before taking new approval photos. That will unfortunately mean that I will probably not have it approved before comic-con.

2. Pet en l'ar - The pet was mostly a way of trying out a sack dress pattern. It worked out fine, and since I don't have any deadlines for it I'm going to take it slow. It only needs some finishing things, like hemming and adding ribbons, and those are things that are nice to do at the monthly craft café that I go to, so I'm not working on it outside of that.

3. Ballgown. I'm going to a ball on Saturday. I have decided to make a silk jacket and black skirt, both of them are half finished, and since they have a definite deadline I'm hoping to show them after the weekend.

I have done a mini-project though. I was invited on short notice to a surprise birthday celebration for a friend. The theme in the evening was going to be Oktober-fest. On Friday evening I tried to find something suitable to wear. I had a blouse and black skirt, but felt that I miseed something, so I sewed a drndl-like bodice. I found a remnant of a cute cotton print in my stash and used the bodice pattern or my 16th Century gown. I used the eye part of two lengths of hook and eye tape that I could pull a lacing through to close it. It's not lined or has any boning, but I got quite a few compliments for it.

Not too bad for 55 minutes work.
The only picture of most of the outfit.

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