Friday, 28 October 2016

Fun Swedish cosplay competition

This week the Nordic Museum, the national museum dedicated to life and work, trends and traditions, in Sweden from the 16th century to today, announced their own cosplay competition. They are searching for people who wants to create their own versions of traditional elementals, the beings/spirits that have been part of the folklore.

Cosplay <3 folktroväsen

They are searching for three persons that will get the chance to create their own version of an elemental and present it at a separate contest at the Swedish cosplay championships.

Even if I have my main project for the winter planned out already, I took the chance and sent in an application. I definitely think that I'm at a disadvantage since I don't do fancy make up, prostethics or props, but you never know.

It was also hard to pick out what kind of costumes that would represent me and my skills. In the end I chose

It's still my favorite costume, and I think it shows off my skills really well.

It's is probably the most technically complicated costume I've made.

It was hard to pick an historical costume to show off, but this one has many different elements, including the giant hat.

I chose this one because I wanted to show that I can make fitted garments as well, not just big gowns.

I finished off with Tudor Leia, to show that I can think outside of the box and do some fun creative things.

It was actually interesting having to think about which costumes I think best represent my cosplay. I could have picked maybe some more historical costumes, or the jawa to show some variety in styles. The choice is made though, now I can only wait and see.

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