Friday, 13 October 2017

A little Greedo dress

A couple of weeks ago I went through my stash, something I do once a year or so. It's a good opportunity to refresh the memory when it comes to which fabrics I have. I also try to get rid of those fabrics that I don't think I will ever use. This year I got rid of the last of my polyester satin stash.

One of the fabrics that I found was a thin navy jersey. Looking at the price tag I must have bought it as a remnant 12 years ago, for the comfortable price of $4. I also realized that I had bigger scraps left from my Greedo fabric than I thought. I decided to combine the two fabrics into a neat everyday dress.

This is where it's good to have a standard pattern that I feel comfortable with. I reused the same pattern that I've three or four times by now. It's la bit complicated when sewn in a woven fabric, with zipper and all, but in stretch fabric I can put the dress together in a couple of hours. When I use the pattern for jersey dresses I also simplify it and don't sew darts below the waist, but just pleat the fabric to the waist seam.

There was almost too Little of the navy fabric, I had to make the skirt a bit shorter than I would feel comfortable, and I could not find a piece of fabric that was big enough for the neck facing. I managed to get a band from the Greedo fabric though so I could lengthen the skirt, and make a neck facing. I didn't want to hide the Greedo print so I turned the facing outweards instead of inwards and sewed it down as a decoration.

The end result is a very comfortable jersey dress that is great for work. And even if nobody has ever said anything about me wearing the full Greedo dress to work, this one is a lot more discrete. Now I can save the big Greedo dress for Conventions and the like, so I don't wear it out, and use this for everyday wear.

I feel like I've really accomplished something when I've both gotten rid of fabric from my stash, and made something that's wearable outside of conventions and other events.

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