Sunday, 22 October 2017

Luna Lovegood necklace and earrings

If my TLJ Leia isn't advancing according to plan, my Luna Lovegood is coming along. That's of course good since I'm going to wear it on Saturday.

I have finished the butterbeer cork necklace.

Luna Lovegood necklace reference
I have already posted about the main necklace that I made with turquoise seed beads, now it was time to make the butterbeer cork pendant.

 I started out with a regular cork.

I sanded off the text and carved it with a knife to give it a more tapered shape.

The top ornament was a pearl pendant holder, it's so soft that it was easy to just flatten it with a hammer. I screwed a loop through the pendant, but I also glued them to the cork.

I finished off with trying to carve a little happy face into the cork. I might continue to work on it, since I don't think it's obvious enough.

One of the things I like about being a costumer/cosplayer is that I get challenged to learn new things. Today I've properly worked with beading for the first time, and I made Luna's dirible plum earrings.

Earrings reference photo
Now I didn't come up with how to do them myself but followed this great tutorial

I'm quite happy with the result, and I think they are cute enough that I'm probably going to use them even outside of being in costume.

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