Friday, 2 March 2018

18th century fabric find

At work we are renovating our old restaurant, and that also means getting rid of the all the curtains that used to be there. Turns out all the curtains are 18th century reproduction fabrics, and of course I couldn't say no to the chance of getting hold of fabrics like that.

Most of the fabric is this with fabric with a brown print on it.

This is actually quite a unique fabric, printed by a local textile studio that isn't working anymore. It as a family business run by two sisters that started in the 1950s. The text on the selvage says "18th century pattern from Dalarna" - "Blomrike" (name of the print) and Westmans is the name of the studio.

There are a lot of curtains, but some of them are quite worn and sunbleached in places. I'm going to use the worst places to make neckerchiefs and aprons for our little costume wardrobe that we have at work, but the rest is all mine.

The other is a print from Ljungbergs textil. I wasn't the only one interested in these curtains, so I didn't get quite as much of this fabric.

The text on the selvage says "East Indian printed cotton 1760-1770".

I don't have any clear ideas on what I want to make out of these fabrics, since I'm not really into the 18th century at the moment. I would love to make a saque gown with matching petticoat from the Ljungberg textile, but I don't think there is enough of it. I might be able to make a jacket and a petticoat, or maybe an English gown. 

For now they will go into my stash though.

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