Monday, 26 March 2018

HSM challenge 3: Comfort at home

Part of my amibition for my 16th century wardrobe is that it should be possible to live in, not just look good in it. Of course that will be a necessary since I have signed up for living in a medieaval camp at least two weekends.

I find it hard to adjust to not just making pretty, pretty dresses and gowns, and that goes for my accessories as well. So for this month's challenge I decided that I needed an apron that is actually meant to protect my clothes, not just be an accessory. I had a meter of an unbleached cotton/linen fabric at home, I think I bought it thinking it was pure linen. For this challenge I simply cut out a recangular piece and a longer strip to use as a waistband. I hemmed the fabric and pleated it into the waistband. Tadaa a simple apron that works for most time periods. This is made to be used while working at home, or in the camp, not showing off for people so I think it fits well enough with the challenge.

I pressed the hems down, meaning that I didn't have to pin them when sewing.

Pleated them into the waistband. Not my finest pleats, but it works.

The full apron.

The Challenge: At home's comfort
Material: 0,5 unbleached cotton/linen blend
Pattern: none
Year: It's pretty timeless, but I'm going to use it for the 1520s
Notions: linen thread, wax for the thread
How historically accurate is it? The model is ok, the fabric is too much cotton, I would say around 50%.
Hours to complete: 2,5
First worn: I had a dress rehearsal for a family tour of the museum where I work. I use a mix of my own clothes and stuff from the museum, and I added in the apron today.
Total cost: The fabric still had the price tag on so $6

And the dress rehearsal went fine, I'm hoping to be able to show my costume changing skills some day, I manage to switch from 1520s to 1680s to 1900 during the tour.

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