Monday, 7 May 2018

Admiral Daala is 501st approved

Admiral Daala is now officially 501st approved.

I took my first application photos last Tuesday, and they looked great.

But the 501st is picky, and I got some feedback that I needed to fix. I had to remove one of the black ribbons on the forearm, and replace it with piping. I also shortened and made sleeves more narrow around the wrist, cleaned up the belt and made more narrow braids. They were small things, but those are the details that differ a good costume from a 501st/Rebel Legion/Reel Icons approved costume. They were also details that I knew that I had skimped on so I had no problems buying their critique. I think that is important to remember, it's always a very nervous thing to send in an application, but the critique makes the costume looks better.

The smaller braids.

New front photo. It's hard to take good looking photos of yourself, and with the phone quite low you get a nice view of my double chins.

I will bring the costume to Nordsken in Skellefteå and hopefully get some better photos there.

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