Monday, 14 May 2018

Nordsken 2018 in Skellefteå, Sweden

This year it was time for me to return to Nordsken up in Skellefteå, and a lot has happened in two years. Now the event had taken over the full sports arena (an ice hockey rink, indoor athletics hall and a curling hall) and instead of a few flown in troopers most of the troopers were quite local. Local meaning just a few hours away by car. Still I flew up and down together with some members from the Nordic Legions.

 A local metal artist had a large exhibit with droids, among them quite a few familiar faces.

 The main stage was beautiful, and fit really well with the North them. I like when cons are in sports arenas and they can use the seating for the stages. In this case they also broadcasted the cosplay contests and other tings on the jumbotrone above the Expo hall.

 There weren't a lot of general cosplayers, it was mostly SCA people running around in medieval garb and us from the legions. I really liked this redshirt though, it was brilliant.

I've had problems with the world building of the sequel trilogies, at least now we have one explanation to how the First Order could make money to finance their superweapons.

My main costume for the week, and the one I spent most of the time in the Nordic Legions' stand was my X-wing pilot.

I got a bit into an argument with Wall-E, when he kept going on about "Eve". It's so hard to be annoyed with such a cute robot though.

I shared my room with Thomas, the droid builder and he is a really great guy. For this convention they had paid to ship R2, Wall-E, BB-8 and his partial K2SO up to Skellefteå, and they are a hit with everyone.

My other costume of course was my new Admiral Daala. It really was a great and comfy convention costume, nobody recognized me but I didn't expect that either. I felt good walking around on the floor with it.

I really like this photo with me leading the troopers.

One of our new supporters also borrowed a TK armor to feel what it was like and I walked around with her as her help. The admiral was not amused by the troopers failure to lift the hammer though.

Sometimes it's also good to have a non-helmeted character in the both to approach he kids, when the guys in black can be a bit scary.

All in all it was a great weekend, now I need to unpack everything and really get going on my 16th century gown, only 2 weeks left until my deadline.

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