Sunday, 5 January 2014

Finally a workspace dedicated to sewing

In my dreams I have a big apartment/house where I can have a whole room just for sewing and crafting. Well I don't see that happening in a forseeable future, so when I decided to put up new wallpaper in my living room, I also decided that it was time to create a functioning workspace. I have had a sewing space, and I managed to find a picture of it, except for the helmets this is what it looked like when I started.

The old work station wasn't too bad, but it didn't provide enough storage for all the small things that accumulate, like threads, buttons, decorations. I also had all my patterns stashed in a bin behind one of the doors, total chaos.

For my new working area I partitioned off a part of the living room with a shelf. This shelf has swallowed all my sewing equipment, my craft stuff that I've had spread out all over my apartment and attic, and even if I have a strict "don't drink and sew"-policy I even managed to empty my liquor cabinet into it. (This means that I could get rid of one of the worst pieces of furniture in the living room).

 This is my new sewing space. I even got all my sewing/fashion books into one of the shelves. I have also taken the time to sort through my stashes and thrown away stuff. Now I have everything in dedicated drawers or boxes, in fact I even have enough space so that I haven't even filled all the boxes yet. I've made sure to leave plenty of room so that there will be space for adding stuff. The light comes from two sources, one standing lamp for general light and then I have an extra work lamp as well. The standing lamp also has a smaller reading lamp that I can use.
This is my new combined drink and craft cabinet from the other side.
For my patterns I have another low shelf. I've also decided that as a long time project I'm going to go through all my old patterns. When I started sewing I wasn't really careful, and I lived in a cramped student room. Most of my old patterns are just crumpled pieces that have been at the bottom of a wardrobe for a long time. If I went through them all and ironed the pattern pieces, I only use pattern fabric, they would get new life and would also take up a lot less space.

One thing that I also bought for my sewing area, but in the end it couldn't fit, is a standing mirror with clothes hangers on the backside. It's easily moveable though so I will have it in my bedroom and when it's time for a sewing project it can stand in the living room.

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