Monday, 20 January 2014

Weekend tidbits

My fingers are itching to get started on a project, but I need to wait until my next paycheck until I can order the fabric I need. I might be able to start cutting out some pattern pieces, but that's it.

The last weekend I've spent researching though and here are are some tidbits:

  • The obi on the gold handmaiden gown is definitely smocked (yay for close up photos)
  • The velvet swatch I ordered is too light so I will have to get the velvet for that one custom dyed.
  • The dangly, chainlike things on the revolutionary gown are called equipages or chastellaines in English, would love to find the Swedish name for them. If anyone reading this knows the Swedish term I would be really grateful.
  • I've decided on most of the fabrics for the revolutionary gown, and I'm going to exchange the green colour of the waistcoat in favor of blue. 
  • I've figured out how I'm going to do to the closure on the main gaulle of the revolutionary gown.

Oh, and my sister wants to finally make a corset. I gave her the Truly Victorian 100 pattern some years ago, and she got as far as to buying a busk, but now she wants to make one. Even if I need to make a pair of stays rather than a Victorian corset it will be fun if we can work together on our projects.

In a way I love this phase of just looking at a lot of pictures making plans, then at least they can't go wrong, which tends to happen when you are working on things in reality.

Also I might have to cut back a bit on my sewing for the coming month since I have a writing deadline for a chapter in a book to finish, and I'm writing it in the free time that I can usually use for sewing.

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