Saturday, 28 June 2014

Revolutionary photos

Today was finally the time for me to try on the complete revolutionary outfit. The Sala Silverminge, 80 km away, celebrated their annual festive days. The last two years it's been a clearly marked 18th century event, but this year it was mostly focused on children. Still everyone in historical costume was welcome, so me and Sara decided to go there and get a chance to dress up. To be honest except for the people working or perfoming we were the only ones in costume, but it was still fun. The weather was grey, and when we set out it rained a lot in Falun. Thankfully though it didn't rain in Sala, and the weather was really nice when you were wearing all the layers of historical costume, and wigs.

I took the chance to get some photos of myself in the revolutionary outfit.

I had a red table cloth for our picknick and I took my chance to look a bit more revolutionary.

On the last I'm ready to address the people, unfortunately no people were present.

The local folkdance group had a workshop in historical dance, so we attended and it was really fun.It turned out to be quite hard to do with the hat on, so I took it off. I also started to get a bit of an headache from it. We helped out and took part in the public showng of the dances as well, and it was a lot easier with just a cap.

A lot more comfortable without the hat and with glasses on. Heavy hat and no glasses is a good recipe for headaches.

It was a great day, the dancing really lifted it up to something extra. I got a lot of comments about the hat, but it's definitely a piece you arrive in and then take off. It's a tad too small, I thought that wouldn't matter since it's on top of the wig, but I could feel the crown pressing on my skull.