Thursday, 8 January 2015

Fabrics ordered

Over the weekend I finished the mockup for the robe and the hood for the handmaiden. It's not perfect, but it's good enough and I needed to know how much fabrics I need to order.

Not much can be seen of the robe, and I still need to make some adjustments. The annoying things after having made the mock-ups was to measure all the pieces, and realize that most of them come down to around 60 cm in width, just enough to be unable to get two pieces side by side on the fabric, since silks are usually sold in 100-110 cm widths. That means that I had to order a lot more fabric than I had hoped.

Another thing is that I need to use the width of the silk as the length of the skirt, but since the silk is only 100 cm long, and I'm going to need around 130, I will need to hide a horizontal seam somewhere on the skirt.

All in all I've ordered 8,5 meters of silk velvet, 8 meters of organza for flatlining the velvet, 6 meters of satin for lining the robe and 11 meters of silk for the undergown. Out of these meters I also need to get enough scrap pieces so that I can do dye tests on them.

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