Thursday, 1 January 2015

HSF recap

I've already done my total recap of the year, but I want to make a special HSF recap, just to see how many challenges I actually finished. As I mentioned in my recap post the HSF has definitely kept me at the sewing machine this year, and it has also influenced me to make things outside of my focuse area of historical costuming.

So these are the challenges that I finished this year:

1 - Make do and mend - trimming and mending my navy anglaise
2 - Innovation - a pair of sleeve ruffles with bobbin lace
3 - Pink - a reticule
4 - Under it all - a pair of stays
7 - Tops and toes - a ruffled cap (my first ever totally handsewn garment)
9 - Black and white - a white gaulle with black sash and hat with black and white trim
11 - Politics of fashion - Oufit for a lady of the French revolution
14 - Paisley and plaid - a 1940's skirt
19 - Inspiration - a working class 1830's dress
21 - Redo - An Edwardian petticoat (redid Under it all)
23 - Modern history - an 1895 skirt at a modern ball
24 - All that glitters - an 1930's belt

And with that I can say that I did a half marathon and finished 12 out of 24 challenges, definitely more than I thought I would when I started.

Time periods that I've covered
Late 18th century

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  1. I came in half way through the year - and got 9 challenges done which I'm really happy with :) I might still go back and try a few more if the 12 for the sew-monthly in 2015 isn't enough :)