Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Gold Handmaiden skirt

After what have felt like an eternity of pleating I have a skirt for the gold handmaiden, and with that I'm starting to beleive that I will actually finish the whole costume and be able to bring it with me to Celebration.

There are still details left. One of the most important one being that I need to starch the circle and finish the edge of it, without hemming it. I have an idea on how I will solve it. The main problem though is that in order for it to lie completely flat, I have to stand inside it, since the feet for my dress form are creating the bubbling issues that you can see. That bubbling also happens as soon as I move around in it. It's actually not impossible to walk in it, but every time I move I have to bend down and flatten it out. I hope I can solve it with even more starch.

Also from the leftovers from the skirt I have managed to piece together a bodice as well. I had hoped to get it done as well tonight, but I feel dead tired, and that's not the correct time to start fiddling with something new. Still I will set a goal to finish the undergown on Friday, then I can take Saturday and Sunday to work on the robe and hood, and then I have Monday to work on the sash/obi. That's my plan anyway.

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