Thursday, 30 April 2015

My costumes at Celebration Anaheim

Costumes are one of the best things about Celebrations, it's just wonderful to see all the talent and creativity that are out there. My main costume was the gold handmaiden costume, and I did manage to finish it in time. I will try to do some more posts about finishing it, but since I was stressed at the end I didn't take a lot of photos.

I wore the handmaiden on the first day, so that I could bring it to the Rebel Legion Galactic Senate Detachment photo, that's the subgroup for senatorial and royal costumes.

I was happy to have my photo taken with "my" Amidala.

Wearing a corseted velvet hood and robe in the sun and heat was too much though, so even if I had planned to wear it the whole day I changed into my Endor Trooper for the rest of the day. It also wasn't easy to walk in it. The round circle held it's shape pretty well when I was standing, but I need to make it sturdier to I can kick it away from my feet when walking. I have an idea on how I can manage that though.

That evening the Rebel Legion and 501st Legion had a social event in the evening, and my Celebration/Convention companion David had come up with the idea that we should really dress up for the occasion, and so we did. It was a lot of fun, and that ballgown is a bit heavy, but it's perfect for travelling since it doesn't wrinkle at all.

On Friday it was the main Rebel Legion photo, and I wore the handmaiden for that, but then quickly changed into the Endor Trooper again. I love the Endor trooper at cons, it's so comfortable and has a lot of pockets for all the things you need to carry with you. In the afternoon I took part of the Rebel Legion Trooper march, where we trooped all through the convention centre in formation. I hadn't brought my backpack, and I have lost my wrist comm so I felt a bit underdressed, compared to the other troopers, but I got inspired to continue to add things to it.

Ready to march

On Friday it was also the Cosplay Contest, but I didn't go to it. I was part of a panel called "Ladies of the Legions" - about female Star Wars costuming and it was scheduled against the cosplay contest. In the panel we talked about opportunities, challenges and problemsolving revolving around female costuming.
The Running of the Hoods crashing our panel
Saturday was the day for the 501st photo shoot, so I had slated Saturday to be jawa day. Then I got scheduled to do a Queen Amidala make up presentation for Saturday as well. Then Del Rey, the publisher company for Star Wars books, had declared Saturday to be Aaron Allston appreciation day, and they were having an Aaron Allston tribute panel. Aaron Allston was a wonderful authour and person that passed away too soon. Since he was known for always wearing awful shirts one way of honouring him was to wear a hawaii shirt. That total mash up made me run around like this all day. The tiara was added when I looked myself in the mirror in the morning and I realised that I looked really silly and needed something to just top off the look, thankfully there was a Disney/Souvenir store in the hotel.

It was really comfy though, the jawa costume isn't very hot when you don't wear the mask, so this is definitely a costume that I'm going to develope for future cons. Well the Queen I'majawa look, not necessarily the hawaii shirt.

Here is me and Joslynn after our make up presentation, where I basically went through the tutorial from this blog, while Joslynn was putting on her make up live. I had removed the shirt and the hood for that.

After the presentation I dashed off for the 501st photoshoot, only to realize that it would take too much time, so I would miss the Aaron Allston panel. I chose to go to the panel instead. Being with friends talking and hearing stories about him was brought both tears of sadness and joy, which is exactly like Aaron did when his wrote his stories.

On Saturday the group that I spent most of the time with were pretty tired, and they were going to line up early to get into a specific panel on Sunday morning. I went up to my hotel room, but wasn't tired, so I decided to try and roll up my hair and do pin curls for the first time. I could actuallly sleep on the curls, unlike when I've used rollers, and even if I only did a fast and dirty job with them,  I can definitely see that it will be worth practicing doing them. I did roll up my hair because on Sunday I had decided to not wear a costume, but my Star Wars cocktail dress, together with a fabulous pearl necklace with an R2 pendant that I had picked up from Her Universe. There were definitely a lot of dresses made from Star Wars fabric, but I think I was the only one with  a tight skirt. Most others were variations of a corseted or tight bodice and a poufy skirt. Once again I was actually glad that I hadn't bothered to bring the can can trooper, since there were so many corset/skirt combos there.

When lacking a hyperdrive, some greenscreen magic can bring you to Bespin

I had a great time in Anaheim, but with more than 100 000 tickets sold there was a lot of people there, and the only sad thing is that I didn't meet all the people that I wanted to meet and talk to.

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