Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Other people's costumes from Celebration

There are so many wonderful costumes at a Celebration, so this is just a small selection of my favorites. I noticed that I have almost only taken photos of quirky and fun costumes, rather than the grand perfect reproductions.

These were some nice AOTC Padmés that I found wandering the floor. I was especially happy to see such a nice version of the travel gown, the one to the right. It's hard to get that one right when it comes to the proportions of the headdress, and she had also used the fanmade print that's available on spoonflower to get the right pattern on the fabric.
An unusual Padmé that I saw was this version from the first animated Clone Wars cartoon, the one that aired back in 2004, not the latest Clone Wars.
It wasn't a costume in itself, but the best transportation was this speederbike on wheels that rolled around outside of the convention centre.
It was quite hot, so it's understandable that this stormtrooper had opted to go for the beach attire.
On Saturday I was really happy to meet imperial Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash on their way to a party.

I wonder if they maybe themed up with this ewok, they are after all good when it comes to partying.
What I really liked with this Ewok costume is that since the last celebrations there have been an explosion of "sexy" ewoks, which is basically just a hood and fur bikini. This one was still fun, a bit sexy, but not slutty.

I saw a few steampunk and Rosy the Riveter-inspired costumes as well, but I only got photos of these two.
Maybe not so strange there is quite a huge variety of Padmé and Leia-inspired dresses. My favorite Leia was this regency Leia.
A group from Rebel Legion Sunrider base had also created their style of comfy handmaiden costumes, I was quite jealous of them when I saw their attire.
My top favorite of all the costumes that I saw was this elegant, beautiful and very intricate Queen Amidala-inspired dress. It was simply gorgeous and a lot of work had gone into the details of this dress.

As I said there were a lot of wonderful costumes this is just a small sample of it all.

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  1. Thanks for posting all these great pics for those of us that missed it!