Friday, 7 August 2015

An afternoon at Staberg

Today I had the opportunity to get some photos taken of me in my costumes. I Went to my favorite photo Place, Gamla Staberg, with its 17th Century mansion, early 19th main building and 18th century garden. Now the houses are private property so it's the garden that you can stroll around in. I of course wanted to use my new Daisy hat, and with that I felt that the navy Anglaise was the only matching choice. I quickly made a new petticoat for it, so I wouldn't have yet another photo of me in the navy Anglaise with the yellow skirt.

In front of the early 19th century house

Looking out over the garden, with the 17th century mansion in the background

By the hop garden
By one of the outhouses
The daisy hat is definitely a hat where you need to be aware of the wind direction

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