Sunday, 23 August 2015

Plastic phantastique report

So Saturday it was finally time for Plastic Phantastique. Over my greay tuille pannier and organza chemise I gad made a short gold skirt, by simply sewing a tube of fabric and pleating it to a waistband. Over the skirt I had attached more of the black nylon lace that I had used for the sleeves on the chemise. Over that I wore my desert rose stays, with the rose side out. I went with a rose them so I also wore a pair of tights with roses on them. My main piece was the hair though, since yhis meant I was finally able to fulfill a costume dream of mine.
Two or three years ago me and some people joked about the 18th century fashion of wearing miniature warships in the hair and said that it would be fun to show up to an event with a modern battleship instead of  an 18th century one...Now was the time. I found a 3d puzzle in cardboard and a huge wig om ebay. The carrier was assembled, I had to glue some of the planes on, and tied to the wig with the kind of wire that is used for flower arrangments.
There is something about a hairstyle where I had to be careful not to get stuck in tree branches when walking in a park. Still some people jokingly said that my costume was actually looking too good to fit in. And I must say the creativity that had gone into some of the costumes was amazing.

 Thay is a full robe francaise out of plastic bags from a fabric store chaim.
 Plastic pigs for the right Petit Trianon feeling.
 Thr pink and blue costumes in front are made in bubble wrap.
 Another black plastic bag number
 That there are even fabrics made in those colours.


  1. Your hair was simply great and it was nice to meet you!

  2. I loved meeting up with all of you as well! Can't wait until the next time.