Sunday, 16 August 2015

Plastique Phantastique underwear

Even if I'm making a totally non-accurate ensemble to wear to plastique phantastique, I still need suitable underwear. I don't plan to keep this outfit, but I would like to give it to my nieces to have if they are going to masquerades or stuff. For that reason I've tried to make it as adjustable as possible, meaning a lot of elastic that will be easy to adjust for their much smaller bodies.

First I made this chemise of shiny poly organza.
It's made up of two rectangles for the back and front and two wider but shorter rectangles that were gathered to make sleeves. I ended the sleeves by encasing them in a gold ribbon, then I gathered a length of polyester lace to the ends of the sleeves before putting an elastic band in the gold casing. There is a drawstring around the neck.

For the underskirt I of course wanted some nice side action, but if you don't want to use steel and linen, there is always polyester tuille and interlock.

First a simple foundation to add the tuille to.

Then the first layer of tuille, and this is actually what I unpicked from my Edwardian hat when I turned it into the Daisy hat. There were some holes in the net, but those aren't visible anyway.

I added yet another layer of tightly gathered tuille, there is around 2 m of black tuille on each hip. Hopefully this will hold up even when I add fabric over it.

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