Saturday, 17 October 2015

Early morning mock-up

Yesterday I finally started to cut out the pattern for The Force Awakens Leia. Now it's the first time I'm making a jumpsuit, and according to the pattern I should need to add a lot to make it fit me. When I had the paper pieces cut out I felt that they were quite big though, so I started to wonder if I really needed to do so many alterations.

The only way of finding out was to make a mock up, and since my mother decided to call me at 7 am on a Saturday morning I had the time to throw something together, before I'm off to judge a ski jumping competition at 9.

The fit wasn't so bad actually, I would say that for a Hoth Leia I wouldn't need to do many changes. My main issue is actually that I'm too tall in the torso, which is quite funny since I'm well below average height. That made it restrictive, a risk of camel toe, and it was hard to get out of it.

So I've now made a lot of notes on the mock up, but the main things I'm going to change are these:
1. add a few centimeters all around the bodice (1-2 on each seam) below the waist. A looser fit would hide my belly better
2. Lengthen the bodice with 1-2 cm.
3. Seriously taper and shorten the legs below the knees. I want a tight fit so it will be easier to wear them inside my boots.

I've known that I have a tall torso, but this further proves that I my legs must be exceptionally out of proportion and my legs are extremely short. The fit was really comfy around my big thighs though, and that's not common.

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