Saturday, 10 October 2015

TFA Leia hair, trial

Leia's hair in the photos from The Force Awakens is a lot lighter than in the OT. It's pulled back from the face, then there is a roll going from one ear to the other, before being braided into a braid on one side. You can also see a small bun at the back of the hair. There is a backview of her head in the trailer, but I haven't got a screen shot of that.

I have bought a wig in that undefinable colour range of dark blonde/light brown/greyish.
It's also the first time I've bought a lace front wig, so that I will be able to pull the hair back and still look natural.

Yesterday I did my first trial in doing the hair, and I think I have a general idea of how it should be done. First I took most of the hair on one side and braided it, I then put the braid over the head to the other side. I did a braid, but I'm thinking the hair might be twisted rather than braided. It was easier to work with a braid though when trying different things. Most of the rest of the hair was pulled to the side and braided. I braided the hair and folded the end of the braid back, so that the tip of the braid was hidden under the top of the braid. The remaining hair was pulled up into a bun at the top back of the hair.

I need to do some more practicing, and making sure that I can hide the hairpins. I also need to cut away the lace at the front


  1. Where did you get the wig? I thought her hair was a tad darker, but I also recognize how near-impossible it would be to find a 100% accurate wig! Aging hair is such a mixed bag of color - and often has about ZERO to do with the color it was a decade earlier (trust me on that one). I have looked on Arda and found nothing. I'm hoping not to spend a fortune on it, since I would need 2, so I can do both TFA styles and leave them styled!

  2. The main issue with this wig is that it had very blonde streaks, that I tried to darken with a sharpie. I'm much more happy with the wig that I bought for TLJ Leia. I got them bought from, don't remember the seller.