Wednesday, 28 October 2015

My panels at Stockholm Comic Con Gamex

Friday-Sunday it's time for Stockholm Comic Con Gamex. Up until last year it was only Gamex, and was never interested in going since from what I knew it was just about games. Last year it was expanded into Comic Con Gamex, with a lot more focus on cosplay, and last year was also the first year that the Nordic Legions had a booth there. This year it's time again, and I'm going to be there all days. Last year I also had a talk about "Meet the legion", general stuff about the 501st and Rebel Legion. Now this year I'm going to present two panels that are a bit more specialized.

Friday 16:00-16:45, stage 4
Hår och smink i en galax långt, långt borta (Hair and make up in a galaxy far, far away)

This will be a short overview of make up and hairstyles, basically a combination of the talk I had at Celebration about Queen Amidala make up and the talk that I listened to about hairstyles for Padmé and Leia. I'm going to go through both my tutorial on Queen Amidala make up and two different ways of making Leia's cinnamon buns.

Sunday 14:00-14:45, stage 4
Ladies of the Legions - Star Wars och kvinnlig cosplay (Star Wars and female cosplay)

In this panel me and Ingeli, the CO of the Nordic Garrison, will go through the options and challenges you can face as a female costumer in the Star Wars world. The options might be more varied than you think, hopefully we can give some hints on how to overcome the challenges.

I hope to see as many of you as possible during the weekend. I'm going to work the Nordic Legions both as Endor Leia and my gold handmaiden, and I'm bringing TFA Leia and Rarity for off duty cosplay. I will see if I can bring the jawa or Endor trooper as well, since I need something for parades and I can't walk in the gold handmaiden and there's going to be another Leia there.

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