Monday, 19 October 2015

TFA Leia - jumpsuit

Over the weekend I finshed the jumpsuit for The Force Awakens Leia.

I started out with this vintage 70's pattern.

Since I had never made a jumpsuit I decided to make a quick mock up. The size was a size 16, which is my regular size, but when looking at the measurments on the envelope they were for a much smaller body than mine. Still I decided to pretty much just do the mock up according the pattern, and see where I should go from there.

 The mock up did offer some surprises, probably due to 1970's fit compared to todays fit. The legs were superwide, and since I usually have problems with my thighs being too big that was a great surprise, and comfortable too. It was really short in the bodice though. I'm not tall, I'm well below average heigh, but it was still hard for me to move in it. It was a bit on the tight side overall in the bodice, but not as much as it should have been according to the envelope. It was close enough over all that I decided to go straight to cutting out my main fabric.

I lengthened the bodice with 3 cm, 1,5 above the waist and 1,5 below it. I also increased the seams in the bodice with 2 cm on each, and tapered the legs towards the feet. Now when I sewed it up it ended up a bit too big, except for the length of the bodice. I could still have increased it a bit more, but it's ok. In order to give it a bit more shape I made two darts from the bust and down to under the waist. I also had to take in the legs a lot. They looked a like big ballon over my hips.

Here you can see how much I ended up taking the legs in. For the sleeves I made them narrower and made my own cuffs, rather than using the pattern. I also used the collar pattern from the same shirt that I used for Endor Leia, rather than the collar in the pattern.

It's very dark, but here's the finished jjumpsuit. Now I could probably make it a bit smaller, but I want this to be a really comfy costume to just lounge around in.

I tried it out with just a regular black vest and belt to get the feeling. Next step is to make the vest.

Tonight there is also the release of the trailer for TFA. I'm both hoping that we will finally see more of Leia, but i'm also worried that I'm wrong with how I'm doing the costume, or that it will show another costume for Leia.

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