Monday, 11 December 2017

TLJ Leia hair

I have managed to style a wig good enough to be happy with it, and this is really the first time that has happened.

This is the wig that I started off with, brown lace front wig. I would actually say that I think it's a bit too long, I think it would be easier to work with a shorter wig and add hairpieces to it. And the stand for my dressform works great to put a wig on as well.

It was quite layered and uneven in the back, so I simply cut off the longest layers.

Then I should have taken progress photos, but I didn't. Basically I put the wig on my own head and added a foam roll to the back. I combed the front hair over the foam roll and took twisted a piece of the hair from the back and rolled it around the foam roll. I did this while wearing the wig. When I was happy with the front I took it of and put it on my wig block and worked the back. For the back I divided the hair into four loops, and held them in place with elastic. I saved some strands of hair so that I could twist them and hide the elastics under them. 

Here is the finished wig.

And here is me wearing the wig, but without trying to hide the wigline.

Now I need to construct a wig box so that I can transport the wig when I leave for Stockholm tomorrow. 

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