Saturday, 9 December 2017

TLJ Leia jewellery

I'm at that time in the costume process where I'm too stressed to take photos of my progress. Yesterday I struggle and struggled with the wig until too late, and now I'm too tired to actually get things done. So I took a step back and decided to take photos of the jewellery that I have made.

Worbla is a cosplayers best friend.

The bracelet is a piece of worbla that has also been reinforced with strips of worbla on the back. The strips made it strong enought to hold the shape, but flexible enough to be able to easily take it on and off. I covered the worbla with coppercoloured string, that was attached with wood glue. Then it was painted with acrylic brass paint.

The earrings are semiovals of worbla that I heated and bent into shape. I'm really happy with one of them, but I couldn't get the other one as good. I will probably redo these, or at least one of them. They are attached with a stud that's been glued on and also painted with the same acrylic brass paint.

The ring with two blue stones was bought on etsy from a Canadian 3d printer, there are also metallic copies from China on ebay. For the other ring I didn't have a clear reference until last weekend when someone posted a photo, I couldn't find the reference again though so had to make it from memory. The size might be off, but until there are more available reference photos it will have to do. It's made with fimo clay, similar to sculpy, and painted with acrylic paint in blue and brass.

Overall I am really happy with the jewellery and the brass paint turned out to be really good. I'm surprised that it actually is so shiny and metallic looking even if it's just paint.

Finally I couldn't help myself, so after having struggled to get the wig into a reasonable shape I wanted to do a full costume test. So ignore my bleary face, and the frizzy wig, but I am getting there.

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