Friday, 8 June 2018

June 6th picnic with Cosplay Dalarna

This year again we decided to have a small costume picnic on the 6th of June, Sweden's national day. We decided to be in Borlänge, where Niklas and Monika were helping out with some activities for the kids. Due to some health issues and work we were a bit decimated, but us who were there had a nice relaxing afternoon. We also decided that since most of the activities at the June 6th festivites are geared towards children, next year we should come in our cosplays from films, TV and games that they recognize.

This is the four of us in different eras. Ann-Sofie and her husband really looks great as Tintin and Captain Haddock.

I had a hard time deciding on what to wear. I had planned to wear my 1890's sport outfit, but I only have a blouse and no jacket for it. It would have been ok to wear, if some of the heat from last week had remained, but when I went to the supermarket in the morning it was barely 10 degrees and I was freezing. Then I realised that one of the few warm garments I have is the coat from my 1787 revolutionary. I went up and got it, but when I started to dress I realized that I just didn't want to wear stays today. I skipped the gaulle and I was just wearing my shift and two petticoats under the vest and coat.

 The hair was another issue, since I normally do a lot of pincurls when I try to do 18th century hairstyles, thankfully the late 1780s are bushy and I had my big white cap. I curled the front of the hair with my curling iron and teased it to give it a bit of volume, and hid the rest under the cap, except for two long curls in the back. Not my best hairstyle, but it took me less than 20 minutes to do. I'm also apparently out of hairspray, so the hair started to loose its shape fairly quickly.

On the way home from the picnic I stopped by my mother's house, and while I was in the garden one of her three cuddly cats showed up.

I must say this look with a vest, but no coat was really comfortable and definitely something I can wear more often when I want to do 18th century light.

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