Wednesday, 13 June 2018

My special sewing box

In the autumn I found an ugly brown sewing box that my mother didn't use. I definitely saw that it was quite practical, especially for keeping some order among my sewing threads. It was ugly though, in brown wood. I asked my mother if she could redecorate it for me as a Christmas gift. It has taken her some time to finish it, but now it's done and made to match my sewing corner.

This is the inside, just look at all those pegs to put the thread rolls in. The only thing remaining from the original colour is the pin cushion of red felt.

 Most of the things on the front has some family connection. The thimbles on the left are from my mother and her mother, the thimbles on the right is from my paternal grandmother and her mother. The doily is Brussels lace and my father has bought it in Brussels. The flowers are from my maternal grandfather's aunt. The white lace on holding one pair of thimbles, as well as the lace on the inside is bobbin lace made by my father's paternal grandmother.

All in all I'm very happy about this little box, both for its practical use and for all the family history it contains.

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