Thursday, 25 September 2014

Book advice for September

There are still some days left of September so I want to tell you about the September free e-book from Aarhus University.

It's Medieval Garments Reconstructed by Lilli Fransen, Anna Nørgård and Else Østergård, and basically it's a book that tells you everything you need to know about the finds from Herjolfsnes, Greenland. The finds were done when a cemetery from the Norse colony on Greenland was excavataed. The cold climate had preserved the clothes that people had been buried in, and it is one of the riches sources of medieval clothing, as worn by people in the North in the 14th century. The book contains both the history of the finds, analysis of everything from which kind of wool was use to spin the thread, the loom and not the least patterns on a grid scale. I also found it very nice that they have photos of the reconstructed garments, as well as the original one.

If you are the least interested in medieval clothing, or even just fantasy in a medieval setting, I definitely recommend to use this chance and get a free and legal copy of the book.

Medieval Garments Reconstructed

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