Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sewing circle

Yesterday I had invited people to come home to me and we would have an afternoon of sewing and talking. It was a really nice afternoon. In the end it was me, Sara and my sister Lotta, who spent some hours together. We did sew some, but also took the chance of going through my costuming books, watching costume videos on  youtube and simply talk. I worked away on the embroidery for my Elsa, and unfortunately I must say it takes a lot longer than I have planned. As I see it I might not even finish it this year, but I would be really happy if I could wear it in the end of November.

Sara and Lotta working away.

I had also taken the chance to do some baking, and since I can't really contain myself when I bake we didn't have a chance of finishing all the goodies in one afternoon.

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