Sunday, 21 September 2014

Endor Leia went out trooping

On Friday and Saturday I got the chance to use my new Endor Leia get up. It was a small troop and on Friday I had first planned to only go as Endor commando, but I was called Endor Leia anyway so I changed into that gear. The main troop was on Saturday. It was the "culture night" in Västerås, meaning that all over town there were a lot of cultural events where people could drop by. The Nordic Legions were asked by a company to provide a Star Wars theme. They had a cantina bar (with non-alcoholoic and great fresh smoothies) a games room, a question round, and we also provided blast-a-trooper. There were only four of us, and two Leias. Since the other Leia was the more recognisable classic ANH Leia she was inside, and I spent most of the time with a storm trooper on the street making people aware of that something was going on inside. Even if it was the stormtrooper that got most of the attention it was great standing around, and at least a couple of times I heard someone say "Princess Leia".

I also might finally have found a Star Wars costume that is really nice to wear. I've always felt conscsious about my size in the tightfitting pants and shirt, but with the poncho over I felt a lot better. I also changed the heavy and hot wig for the Endor helmet, and then it was no problem wearing it for a full evening, and not having to worry about the hair looking good was a great bonus.

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